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"The midwives coached me in EXACTLY the way I needed, because they took the time to get to know me leading up to the big event."  - Rochelle


"Our experience with Pacifica was an amazing one. From the group meetings to the delivery, our needs were met with such phenomenal expertise. Our little boy was born the morning after Christmas with the help of these extraordinary women." - Xara




"By the time I gave birth I felt like we had shared a very special bond. We felt like family. Like sisters. It was radically clear that the midwives love their work, they love women , and birth. They were genuine and present with me as we birthed a baby together. I never felt alone in my process. I felt cared for." -Madison


"I describe our experience as having a home birth, but in someone else's home. Freedom to eat and move around during labor, no wires/needles tethering me, a relaxing tub, a comfortable place for my husband to lie down and rest, a kitchen to store and prep food, freedom to try different pushing positions... I loved my birth experience." - Samantha




"The circle of support before, during, and for years after the birth of both of our babies is unmatched. My oldest daughter still loves coming to the birth center—it's incredibly important to me that she knows the story of her birth, her sister's birth, and that she personally knows the phenomenal midwives who helped make it all happen so beautifully." -Michelle


"I loved the attention, care and comfort these midwives provided. Going into labor I was confident in the choice we made for an out of hospital birth... The midwives are flexible and wanted to help make my birth experience my design, and while they have input there is a lot of room to express your birth preferences and to have them met." -Jamie



"Our experience at Pacifica Family Maternity was wonderful. I had an all natural birth, which was very important to me. I couldn't say enough about how knowledgeable, available, caring, and supportive the midwives were." -Mary

"They provide thorough and comprehensive prenatal care and truly work with you to prepare for a successful birth, however it happens. I felt empowered and safe to birth my baby with these women by my side and I will forever be grateful.I felt empowered and safe to birth my baby with these women by my side and I will forever be grateful." -Ali


"My pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience at Pacifica were empowering, exhilarating and beyond what I had hoped for. My partner and I felt extremely supported and cared for by the incredible team of midwives and student-midwives, who were all so knowledgeable and nurturing. I've also found a wonderful community through Pacifica - the postpartum support groups have been critical to my healthy and joyful postpartum period and new life with a baby!" -Barbara


“The care I received from the Pacifica team was so warm, informative, and personal throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery. Their support truly empowered me to feel confident to care for my children as I entered the postpartum period.”