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Meditation Class

Meditation Class: Learn How to Bring Calm to Intense Experiences & Emotions


Mindfulness means clear, balanced attention to what you are seeing, hearing, and/or feeling in the moment. 


Decades of research and millennia of practice in traditions across the world show mindfulness meditation to have powerful benefits. Practicing mindfulness regularly changes our brains, softening suffering, expanding joy, increasing intention, all through how we use attention. We can learn to hold difficult emotions without running away or freaking out. We can learn to experience life more fully, like when we take the first sip of a fine wine, learning to notice nuance and savor it. And we can expand our sense of choicefulness, shifting from reacting to triggers to responding intentionally.


For Labor

Mindfulness can be supportive in labor as well (not to mention child-rearing).

The more we listen to our bodies, the more we come to understand and trust them. When we do this in the moment, we can be with our experience without being consumed by it. This helps us access the choice we have in every moment while also accepting what is outside of our control.


For Partners

This extends to partners, too. Furthermore, when people we are close to are experiencing something intense, it often elicits discomfort in us as well. The greater our capacity to tolerate and be with our own discomfort, the more present and supportive we can be for our partners.



Meditation is one effective way of cultivating mindfulness. Jack will lead an intro class at Pacifica for anyone interested in exploring meditation. 


The class will focus on concrete practices for developing mindfulness.


Earlier Event: February 22
Queer Group
Later Event: February 27