Meet the Pacifica Team


Cindy Lara Haag, Licensed Midwife, CPM, Director, Co-Founder

Cindy has been a Licensed Midwife attending out-of-hospital births since 1990. After completing her training at Maternidad La Luz, a freestanding birth center and midwifery school in Texas, Cindy accepted a position as a staff midwife and then as clinical director of the birth center. During her seven years there, she provided full scope midwifery care and supervised students and midwives.

In 1998, Cindy gave birth at home to her daughter, Elia. In 2000, Cindy moved to the Bay Area where she was a founding midwife of a Marin birth center and began her own home birth practice in the East Bay. In 2012, Cindy co-founded and opened Pacifica Family Maternity Center. Throughout her midwifery career, Cindy has attended over 1200 births! Cindy is fluent in Spanish and English, and committed to making midwifery care accessible to all families. 

Carlee Ann, Licensed Midwife, CPM, MSM,                                 Adminstrative and Clinical Coordinator

Carlee Ann’s passion for reproduction and the childbearing cycle led her to become a Doula in 2009. Simultaneously, she received her Massage Therapy License and specialized in prenatal and postpartum massage. She studied Biology, Kinesiology, and Holistic Health at San Francisco State University and began growing her midwifery career while attending births.

Carlee Ann graduated from Bastyr University in 2015 with a Master of Science in Midwifery and has been a proud member of the Pacifica Team ever since. She is committed to providing accessible, evidence-based, individualized, and culturally sensitive care to clients and families. 

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Vanessa Caldari, Licensed Midwife

Vanessa Caldari has been studying and practicing the art and science of midwifery for twenty years. She studied at Maternidad La Luz from 1996-1997 and went on to apprentice with numerous midwives in New Mexico. In 1997, Vanessa returned to her birth place of Puerto Rico to work and further enhance her experience with the local midwives. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After completing her BSN she studied the theory and practice of Nurse Midwifery and Public Health at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus. 

In 2007, she founded and became Executive Director of Centro MAM, which has been a catalyst for change and empowerment around birth, women’s issues, and societal norms in Puerto Rico.  Vanessa moved her family to the Bay Area in 2017 to join the Pacifica Team



Kavita has been supporting families during pregnancy and childbirth since 1997. She graduated from UCSF as an RN and is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife with extensive experience in both home and hospital birth. She came to midwifery with a passion for supporting clients and families during a time of dynamic transition. She emphasizes education and informed choice in all areas of health care. 

Kavita is actively involved in legislative work to improve access to midwifery care through her work as health policy vice chair for California Nurse Midwives Association. Kavita is happily married and the mother of two adult daughters born with the support of midwives. Kavita is excited to be part of the Pacifica team and to devote her energy to a long-held dream of midwifery-led care in the birth center setting.

Consulting OB/GYN

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 Dr. Lisa Bernard-Pearl, MD

Lisa has been practicing obstetrics for over twenty years in a variety of settings, with the last five years being primarily high risk OB. Lisa is currently an OB Hospitalist for La Clinica de La Raza. She earned her B.S. in Zoology and her B.A. in Women’s Studies with a minor in African-American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She cared for her first pregnant clients and caught her first baby as a medical student at Stanford. She went on to do her Ob/Gyn residency at UCSF; she credits the midwives and L&D nurses for teaching her the art of caring for families during their birthing experience. 

She has always had a special interest in natural childbirth. Her daughter was birthed by her partner in a birth center in New York City. She strongly believes in all client’s right to make choices about their own birthing experiences and sees her role as a guide to help clients make informed choices. She is also a Board member of Pacifica Family Fund because she wants to help make Pacifica Family Maternity Center an option for all families including those with less economic resources, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and those with disabilities.

Assistant Midwife - Postpartum Care

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Jessamyn Meyerhoff, Licensed Midwife, CPM

Jessamyn Meyerhoff is a Bay Area native. She graduated from midwifery school in 2001. Since then she has assisted at births in many different settings: birth centers, homebirths and hospitals. Her experience includes apprenticing with hospital midwives in Santa Cruz, working with a homebirth midwife in New York City, and her own homebirth practice in the Bay Area.

Jessamyn also has extensive experience in Women’s Healthcare. She worked for Planned Parenthood providing gynecological and prenatal care for 11 years. She enjoys working with diverse populations. She speaks both English and Spanish.


Office Manager

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Emily barton

Emily grew up in an Ashram in Virginia and witnessed her first water birth at home when she was 4 years old.  With a mother working as a midwife, Emily was fortunate to attend many births throughout her childhood. Emily joined the Pacifica Family as a client in 2013, while pregnant with her daughter and had her son at home in the water in 2016. 

After working in restaurant management for 15 years, Emily embraced the opportunity to focus on motherhood and bring her managing experience to the Pacifica Team! Emily is passionate about the birth center model and providing sustainable midwifery care to our community.

Student Midwives


destiny warring

Destiny grew up on a ranch in the rural mountains of Suisun Valley. The first time she was drawn to birth was at the age of ten, when she helped her dog deliver a litter of puppies. By age twelve, she became the farm midwife assisting with animal births. Destiny veered off her path to midwifery as she pursued a career in the maritime industry. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Marine Transportation in 2010 and a Masters of Science in Humanitarian Aid, Disaster, and Crisis Management in 2012. 

Destiny's passion for birth work was reignited through her own experience receiving midwifery care. Destiny is the proud mother of six beautiful children. She became a certified birth doula in 2016 and began volunteering at a local teenage pregnancy resource center in addition to taking private clients. Destiny is a student midwife at the National Midwifery Institute and feels honored to be a part of the Pacifica family! 


Corinne Harrison

Corinne’s interest in public health and community development has led her around the world to work with different NGO’s. These experiences brought Corinne to birth work. Corinne became a doula in 2013, while living in Seattle and helped lead a volunteer doula program at the University of Washington Medical Campus. Her love for supporting pregnant people and their families through the childbearing cycle took root and she decided to pursue midwifery. 

Corinne is a student at Birthwise Midwifery School and she is completing her apprenticeship at Pacifica Family Maternity Center. She feels very grateful and excited to be supporting folks at Pacifica.